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Virunga Lodge is angelically set the foot hills of the great Virunga volcanoes overlooking the 2 twin lakes of Bulera and Ruhodo, the mountainous back drop of the Virunga volcano mountains together with the outstanding valley of Musaze, it is one of the most sought of Luxury facilities to begin your Gorilla experience, the iconic facility was constructed in the 2004 displaying the Rwandan traditional style, it is one of a kind in the whole country to offer you the best of your luxury experience what is best about the lodge is that it is close to the community.

Virunga Lodge

Virunga Lodge inspires a perfect hospitality with a team that goes am extra mile to put a smile on the face of the guest, there is a private butler in the hallmarks to enhance your experience of the facility, the food that is prepared at the lodge is locally inspired from traditional dishes that make up the luxurious menu combined with continental dishes, the main lodge area boasts a bar area serving drinks to travelers which include both alcoholic drinks, beers, soft drinks, these are presented to you by a well-trained bar man, enjoy the vast variety of cocktails, and the amalgamation of drink variety on the menus, the restaurant is open to serve drinks in all the 3-4 Courses from breakfast, lunch, dinner dine your special days at Virunga Lodge.

Virunga Lodge is made up of 10 luxury Banda’s, facing the Virunga volcanoes, they de fitted with a private veranda overlooking the forest expanse, the most unique room is the Dian Fossey room at Virunga built in memory of the American primatologist who died at the Karisoke research center, she loved gorillas the most and her great work was always focused on protecting the critically endangered species of the mountain gorilla, never the less this work has been carried on by other conservationists to see that they have been conserved in the wilderness, each of the beautiful rooms is placed with an ensuite bathroom, reading area, warm beddings to ensure your comfortable stay while at the lodge, there are toiletries present for guest use as well.

Lodge activities include gorilla trekking which take place early in the morning beginning at the park headquarters, there are 10 habituated gorilla families in the national park, which are tracked in groups of eight per gorilla family, and they live within. The forest without being captivated, volcanoes regions hosts 30% of the world’s remaining population of Mountain gorilla species, in order to meet the gentle brown eyed species, it is important to buy a gorilla permit which costs $1500, Golden monkey tracking in the  national park, this is one of the key things to do in the national park, they live in the bamboo forested region, they are pretty faster than the gorillas and if you must take pictures it is important to set your Camera ready, along the trail you will learn so much about the forest and it’s creatures, it takes 2-3 hours doing this activity led  by a wildlife ranger.

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