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The Kigali Genocide Memorial is a place of rest to many people who lost their lives during the tribal wars that happened during the 1994 genocide more than one million people are estimated to have lost their lives during this time, in this year the death of the presidents Burundi and Rwanda, in a plane crush initiated the killings, this shocked the world and community at large and clearly they were happenings of a genocide, men were killed and most women rape, children were left with no homes and without parents. The memorial center is a place of peace and a sign of history never repeating itself in Rwanda.

Visiting the Kigali Genocide Memorial

The site is burial place for more than one million people it is situated in Gisozi in Rwanda, it is run by the UK based genocide prevention concession, on behalf of the Rwanda commission, the Tutsi and Hutu went to war over 100 days, this was a dark tike for the people of Rwanda, they became massacre victims most of which were displaced to the neighboring countries, like Uganda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo, hundreds of bodies were dumped into water  some of which have not been discovered to date during the 1994 many Rwandan citizens lost their lives during the war, the tribal wars affected the economy so much, this broke the world news, as thousands of people lost their lives during the conflicts, there was an increased poaching rate as a result of the victims seeking refuge. Thanks to the Rwanda government there have been many sites of genocide memorials in memory of those that lost their lives, these places still have tools used, and skulls of the people that lost their lives, clothes and other items of personal nature.

There were literally pilled bodies everywhere on the streets of which they were collected at one point, while at the Kigali genocide memorial there is a wall full of information about the massive killing, names of survivors, the victims clothes are placed in the center too, at least this was a clear picture of these things not to ever happen again, the difference between the humanity was settled, it is ales son for the people of Rwanda and the world at large. There are many genocide centers including the Bisesero center, Ntaarama Genocide Center, camp Kigali Belgian Monument, Nyanza Genocide, Nyamata Genocide Memorial, the beauty at the Rwanda Genocide is that you are given a local guide each guide has their own story to tale as most of them are survivors from the war.

Beside the Visiting the Kigali Genocide Memorial, there are other places to visit while in Kigali for example the local market in Rwanda, to enjoy the tour take a trip to have a Rwandan cuisine, visit the volcanoes national park for mountain gorilla experiences and golden monkeys, they live within the bamboo forested region of the national park, tour the  savannah national park of Rwanda the Akagera National Park, it is the only national park to find savannah species, primates of Nyungwe Forest National Park are not to miss on an African safari, it is home to over 13 kinds of primate species and is notable for the Chimpanzee.

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