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A Kigali City Tour will take you around Kigali City. It is the capital city of the country and the major entry point of Rwanda. It is the best place to begin your African safari encounter, and the city is a safe place to take a walk or a city visit, the city is comprised of an amalgamation of tribes, the city is comprised of many tourism sites, Kigali City is the largest city of Rwanda, the city stretches through the hills and ridges of the rift valley region, the country is a known place of many hills, the city stands at an elevation of  167m above sea level, it has been a strategic place for Rwanda’s economic and cultural center.

Kigali City Tour

The city has been identified as one of the finest, friendliest towns, and hospitable people, the capital of Rwanda has been its head office point since 1925, it is built within the many backdrops of a thousand hills, the international airport of Kigali is place in the city area, it is not only the major entry point of Rwanda but also the neighboring states of Uganda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo, it is a much easier and well organized airport presented with terminals, below are some of the places you can visit during the Kigali City.

Visit the Rwanda Genocide Memorial, during the 1994 many Rwandan citizens lost their lives during the war, the tribal wars affected the economy so much, this broke the world news, as thousands of people lost their lives during the conflicts, there was an increased poaching rate as a result of the victims seeking refuge. Thanks to the Rwanda government there have been many sites of genocide memorial in memory of those that lost their lives, these places still have tools used, skulls of the people that lost their lives, clothes and other items of personal nature, the beauty at the Rwanda genocide is that you are given a local guide each guide has their own story to tale as most of them are survivors from the war.

On your Kigali City Tour, you will visit the Kandt House, for historical aspects, the museum was named in memory of the German colonial resident who was residing in Rwanda, it is placed right at the base of Mountain Kigali, get an opportunity to visit the Rwanda presidential museum, both of the  museums keep facts of Rwanda that have been collected. Visit the local markets to experience the Rwandan cousins, these have local fresh products which are amazing to see, engage with the local people, if time allows, we will have a chance of eating in a local restaurant. Hike he mountain Kigali, city hill that will give you proper views of the surrounding environment, the hill hike is not tough as such, there is a restaurant at the top where you will have some time to sip a cup of coffee, as you watch the sundowner. Kigali City has got well developed roads that will enable you to have access to most of these places with ease, it is safe whether you are walking or driving through the city.

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