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Rwanda is a popular destination most sought after for its beautiful rolling hills, and the mountain gorillas in the Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda as a destination has not stood out so well as a birding destination due to the presence of the mountain gorillas that many people think of, however it is perfect place to see the birds, there wide range of montane forests, grasslands, plain savannah, water bodies, vast swamps, and the angelic rolling hills these act as habitats to the amalgamation of birds in the country, there are almost birds everywhere as you will have the chance to view the many of them. Bird Watching Safaris in Rwanda have become quite popular over the years.

Bird Watching Safaris in Rwanda

Rwanda has got a much more modified road system that will enable you to view birds in the shorts time possible, this connects through to most of the park premises, there are 44 endemic species of the great Albertine region that have been recorded to date it has got many important birding area, right from the Kigali city, birding in the city is best for travelers who have little or no time to visit the park, start your journey from the hotel gardens, the beautiful track areas are for the walk, expect to spot the black headed warbler, white faced whistling duck, sunbirds, hike the Kigali hill for the martial eagles.

Nyungwe Forest National Park is one of the largest and oldest conservation areas of Africa, it is said to have survived the ice age era, and has grown overtime, there are over 300 birds that have been registered in the park to date, one can take a walk from the Gisakura tea estate to the canopy region, there are many forest birds present in the park, example species include the Graurers swamp fly catcher, handsome francolin, Rwenzori batis, eastern green bul, red chested owlet, regal sunbird. Stripped breasted tit, Rwenzori turaco, breasted birds, exploring the forest is best done through the walk to the Congo trail, along the canopy the long suspended bridge in the national park, it is the best way to view birds through the tree canopies of the national park.

The Akagera National Park presents an ecosystem of many lakes, and a vast savannah this is Rwanda’s only national park that has this kind of environment, birds collect around the lakes of Ihema, on a lucky day you will be chanced to spot the critically endangered shoe bill stock , about ride along the great way to view wildlife and birds  or through the well distributed game tracks on game drives in the park, example species include the red faced barbet, papyrus gonolex, grey crowned cranes, white winged warbler to mention a few.

The Volcanoes National Park is located in the northern part of Rwanda, it is a known home to mountain gorillas and golden monkeys but can relatively be a good destination for birds, and there are 200 bird species in the park , example species to spot include the Rwenzori batis, white faced blur fly catcher, among other species, to enjoy a birding safari in the park, it is important to take proper equipment and have patience for example binoculars and good lens cameras.

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