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Fishermen Experience On Lake Kivu

Fishermen Experience on Lake Kivu

Visit Rwanda for the Fishermen Experience on Lake Kivu. Fishing on Lake Kivu is the primary activity taking place on the angelic lake. Lake Kivu is located between the Democratic republic of Congo and Rwanda, and it is of the smallest lakes of the rift valley formed as a result of volcanicity, the eruption of Volcanic mountains of the region over 5 million years ago is the reason for presence of the lake, the decorative islands are beautiful and angelic to experience together with the waters of the Lake every night fisher men and women reach out to the lake and place their fishing materials to be catch fish, depending on season they can catch up to 5 – 50 kilograms on a good day. Lake Kivu is 6th largest lake in east Africa the lake is a known bilharzia free. The Lake covers most of the western part of Rwanda.

The Lake Kivu is home to several fish species that are caught for sale, it is an amazing place to visit, there are great chances of getting involved with the local community, and fishing in Rwanda is not fully developed as it is primarily not a fishing destination, the main fishing tools used include hooks, nets, spearing, shooting and cast nets methods, Fish caught in the Lake include Nileperch, Tilapia, Sambaza, Ndugu, to mention a few, the fishing is done on local fishing boats, the canoe rides enable them to reach the lake point where fish can be caught, the nets are removed by hand.

For the best Fishermen Experience on Lake Kivu, you will need to have your own equipment to be part, prepare your fishing hooks and nets, most of the means used on the lake include the use of canoe engine boats, the shores of the lake are bordered by the towns of Gisenyi and Kibuye, these are beautiful relaxing tourism town, the overlook of the lake is a special intimate way of connecting with the lake, the towns are vibrant with night life that almost every one would love to explore.

Besides mingling with the fishermen, the boat cruises are rewarding, getting to see the scenic features of the lake like the islands, the peninsular and waterfalls, it is beginning point to many conservation areas both in Rwanda and the democratic republic of Congo, the Nyungwe forest national park is close to the destination it is famous for its primate species more so the Chimpanzee, they are characterized by their social behavior, the Kahuzi Beiga National Park in DRC best known for the lowland gorillas in the national park, the adjacent Virunga National Park for the famous Mountain gorilla species. It is a vast place to experience the Nile Basin. Visit the Nyanza province for great architectural designs, and the kingdom ship of Rwanda, kit is perfect for the Rwandan Riyal character.

There is available accommodation around the beautiful Lake Kivu, the Lake Kivu Serena lodge straddles along the shores of the lake, it offers a luxurious kind of accommodation to travelers that visit the lake offering mouthwatering meals and accommodation.

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