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Singita Kwitonda Lodge is angelically set at the foot hills of Volcanoes National Park. It’s ideal location will give you the best gorilla experience and the forest at large the lodge was named after a silver back gorilla on one of the gorilla families of the Volcanoes National Park named Kwitonda, it is tucked on 178 hectares of land with a close proximity to the national park. The conservation area hosts 30% of the world’s remaining population of mountain gorilla’s gorilla beringei, a subspecies of the eastern gorilla, these live freely within the ecosystem without being captivated. The property is strategically placed to enhance your gorilla experience.

Singita Kwitonda Lodge

Singita Kwitonda Lodge offers the opportunity to experience an eco-friendly place giving you a special connection with the surrounding environment, it is amazingly placed with eight chalets built to reflect the old Rwandan style, it’s great location near the communities is special way of having to interact with the hospital Rwandan people, Singita is made out of the brick clays, hand crafted tiles, and river stone. Each of the lodge suits are connected with stone made path ways, the bedrooms have been constructed to meet luxury with an ensuite flush toilet. Design overall or the safari lodge is angelic with an overly look of the Rwandan ancient style. The rooms are beautiful with private swimming pool, outdoor showers and breathtaking views of the Volcanoes national park.

Singita Kwitonda Lodge restaurant offers mouth-watering meals to travelers, served with an extra mile from  the lovely staff members, of which are available to guests whenever they need a service, the warm welcome at the facility is so amazing that the memory will keep fresh in you whenever you think of Rwanda’. The exclusive menu serves freshly made food gotten from the onsite garden of Singita, expect to have a healthy meal while at the facility. Of the total land that the lodge premises share with the great volcanoes national park, they have planted a forested area to cover the farm lands with hope that this will one day have an extended home to the mountain gorilla.

The lodge offers uninterrupted views of the volcanic mountains of Sabinyo, Gahinga, and Muhabura, these from a part of the 8 Series of the great volcano region of Virunga, along the slopes of the mountains are habitat to several animal species notable for the mountain gorillas, golden monkeys, forest elephants, buffaloes. Activities while at the lodge include gorilla trekking in Volcanoes national park, it takes place beginning at the park headquarters, thee are habituated gorillas families tracked in groups of eight per family, the forest hosts 30% of the world’s remaining gorilla population in the world. It takes 2 or more hours depending on how far these families have moved.

Golden monkey tracking, the species is endemic to the destination they live within the bamboo forest region of volcanoes national park, just like the Mountain gorillas you will be transferred to the park head quarter and look out for the golden brown creatures meeting these is amazing, hike the Dian Fossey tomb, a way of paying tribute to the American primatologist who lost her life in protection of mountain gorillas she was buried alongside the species she loved the most.

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