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Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge is beautifully placed along the slopes of the Volcanoes National Park, the home to the famous mountain gorilla species living within the bamboo forested region of the park, Volcanoes is comprised of 5 mountains of the great Virunga volcanic region, some of these are shared between Uganda and the democratic republic of Congo, there are 30% of the world’s population of mountain gorillas, the national park was gazette as a way of protecting the endangered species including the Golden monkeys, it is too visited in the land of thousand hills due to its composition, it was made famous when they acted the movie “Gorillas in the mist” as it portrayed the many primate of the national park.

Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge

Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge is the best place to begin your beautiful journey to see primates of Africa, the property is in proximity of tracking Mountain gorillas offering midrange accommodation to travelers, it is comprised of 23 private cottages fitted with an ensuite bathroom, private balconies, flush toilets, toiletries, including many familiar things on can use while they are at the lodge, the lodge is constructed using local material to blend in the environment within which it is placed for example bamboo, the attractiveness of the hotel is evident from its comfortable rooms, and great ambiance while at the facility, the rooms are comfortable with cozy comfortable beds they add a warm bottle in your bed to compliment on the cold weather conditions. Facilities of Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge include free Wi-Fi, free parking space, guest laundry services, and room service

The lodge works closely with the local community most of the material purchased from the community, the lodge staff is employed are recruited from the locals, their service is splendid and goes an extra mile to ensure guest satisfaction, a local cultural group is present at the lodge to entertain guests, they dance to the local traditional music of the people of Rwanda’, they will show case many traditional aspects and entertainment guests are always free to join the dancing. Gorilla tracking is the popular thing to do on your stay in at the lodge, the distance from the facility is so close, there are about 10 habituated gorilla families in the national park, these can be tracked in groups of eight per family, through the first, look out for many plant species, as the guide will explain to you through the well distributed tracks, enjoy the wilderness to blend in the environment. Gorillas are very few in number, they keeping from on destination to another feeding on plants, vegetation of the forest, on a lucky day it is more than possible to meet other forest animals like forest elephants, mountain duikers.

Hiking to the Dian Fossey tomb in memory of the American primatologist who was buried at the research center next to the gorillas that she loved the most, it is a lovely time for as the experienced guide will tell you a story about the lady who made gorillas famous, she carried out her research for over 18 years, she has murdered in cold blood and to date her death is a Mistry, since then her body was put to rest with the gorillas that she loved the most.

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