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Ibyiwacu Cultural Village

Ibyiwacu Cultural Village Community Visit

The Ibyiwacu Cultural Village community in Rwanda lives along the foot hills of the Volcanoes National Park in the northern part of Rwanda. The village is a beautiful place to experience culture, they are a famous poaching in Rwanda, they used to poach mountain gorillas-Gorilla beringei however the community rehabilitated from its behaviors and started on embracing the environment with in which they are placed, the village is an absolute place to visits after a long day of a gorilla hike or a full day of experiencing the culture of the people or Rwanda.

The Ibyiwacu Cultural Village community entertains visitors in the replication of the Rwanda culture, all travelers are welcomed in a kingly and queenly manner to the Community, the make up the royal treatment of the Nyanza province, people who visit the village are ushered into it with guards onside, butlers like as through you have reached a specific Kingdom, the persons who do this are always dressed in the royal clothes, and entertaining Kings and queens. The cultural visit gives you a chance of meeting the local people, experiencing their culture, norms and customs together with their way of life, there is no other better way of meeting the community rather than visiting them.

They will show you how they survived through the forest, hunted and lived on the antelopes in the park, their medicines are said to have been collected from the forest at large, these were evicted from the forest due to the continued conservation purposes, the village does crafts for survival purposes like weaving baskets, art and craft work, the do the community based tourism as a result they are well surviving from these initiatives, most travelers go for a cultural tour in Rwanda to top the cherry for the gorilla experiences.

There are community walks done together with your guide who will take you to explore the rich authentic culture, it is amazing by how much you will learn from the people of Rwanda, your guide will ensure to take you to different tourism sites within the community, visiting the kings house is magical as you will have a feel of the royal kind of treatment, guests get to have a chance to be part of the 8 groups of dancing teams, the music played is Rwanda style, they can always teach you how to perform in these dances, besides being in the community there are many places you can take a tour like the community school or hospital.

Visits to the Ibyiwacu Cultural Village community can be combined together with the mountain gorilla trekking, this takes place in the Volcanoes national park, the gorilla species are some of the most famous things to do while in the park, it takes 2 or more hours to do depending on how far the gorilla families have moved. It an amazing experience as you will have the chance to meet the gentle species of the park, golden monkeys in the national park are great to explore the park, they live within the bamboo forested region of the conservation area.

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