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One and Only Nyungwe Lodge is placed in the Nyungwe Forest National Park. The national park is one of the last remaining few tracts of tropical rain forest in Rwanda surrounded by a back drop of the large mountain slope of the rolling hills of the land of a thousand hills, it is said to have survived during the ice age era and has evolved over time. The lodge is the only one of its kind in the national park a beautiful place where your heart will be with nature and wildlife it is the best of primate species that will be viewed right from your window pane.

One and Only Nyungwe Lodge

One and Only Nyungwe Lodge is nestled in the middle of the Gisakura tea estate and the forest, this forest covers a total area space of approximately 1020 square Kilometers comprised of thick forest of bamboo, grasslands, swamps and marshy areas, the forest is one of the most important bio diverse areas of Rwanda’ straddling along its borders with Burundi, it is home to 13 primate species, notable for the Chimpanzee species. The lodge is placed with 22 luxury rooms and 5 villas, from the door step of the lodge, you will witness the magical Nyungwe forest, the lodge started its operations in the 2018, most of the rooms of the lodge are built with verandas overlooking the Nyungwe forest, and they are places with fire places, ensuite bathrooms and beautiful private verandas.

The main lodge area presents an opportunity to enjoy the wide selection of drinks at the main bar area including wines, beers, spirits, and other assorted drinks, the restaurant area offers drinks to guests and nest Rwandan cuisines to travelers, there are traditional meals being served at the lodge and international ones as well, the helpful staff members go an extra mile to ensure that you have got the best service during your stay. Dishes can be ordered from the menu and delivered in your room. Things to do at the park include Chimpanzee tracking, this is done beginning at the Uwinka visitor center early in the morning, chimpanzee have been scientifically proven to share up to 98% of the human DNA, they are  characterized by their social nature, intelligence and love to nest in the tree canopies, tracking chimpanzee requires to have a chimpanzee permit that can be acquired through your tour operator an hour is allowed while with the species enjoy their playful nature as they jump from one tree to another.

Canopy walk is famous in the national park, this is the only place of east Africa to do the activity, it is carried out on the suspended bridge, in the tree canopies, this presents an opportunity to view the forest from the above, there are chances of seeing primate slime the black and white colobus monkeys, red colobus monkeys, Monday dents monkeys to mention a few enjoy the forest large. Tracking black and white colobus monkeys is done within the national park, it is  beautiful home to the vast population of the monkeys imagine seeing over 100 troops of monkeys all tucked in black and white.

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