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Bisate Lodge is situated in the northern part of Rwanda’ along the sloppy hills of Volcanoes National Park. It is one of the most stunning luxury facilities of Rwanda’ offering the best experiences of Primates, these are found in the Volcanoes National Park, it is home to 30%of the world’s remaining population of mountain gorilla, they live freely in the park without being captivated, these are famous together with the endemic species of the Golden monkeys found in the bamboo forested region of the national park. The award winning eco lodge is nestled in the volcanic mountain shape presenting one of the best views of the Conservation area.

Bisate Lodge

The huge giant nest shape like villas are all built overlooking the Volcanoes forest, there are six villas that make up the forest, they have been carefully designed to reflect on the Rwandan royal style of building, the lodge was the first of its kind to offer luxury services to travelers, it has for years merged with the local community to enhance the wellbeing of the environment sustainably, the site has angelic views of Bisoke and mountain Karismbi,  these stand out to the most high of the volcanic Mountains with in the national park. The lodge hosts about 12 visitors in it villas, each of these has been built with private ensuite bathrooms, flush toilets, and large spacious living room boasting a veranda to have views of the forest. Bisate Lodge has a spacious dining area with a fire place and luxurious comfortable sitting area, the variety full win cellar is not to miss on a visit to the lodge.

Bisate Lodge offers full board accommodation basis implying that you will get to have all the meals that are prepared while at the facility, enjoy the vegetables gotten straight from the onsite gardens, and local market produce, the lodge staff is friendly with a recommendable five star service, the lodge is a perfect gate way point to begin activities in the Volcanoes national park for instance the gorilla tracking taking place in the Volcanoes national park, this is one of the most key things to do while in the park, gorillas are gentle species, which are amazing to visit, their social character and intelligence is a close relation to humans, tracking the primate take 2 or more hours depending on how far the gorilla families have moved. Gorillas do not have boundaries, they love to feed from one area and not twice in the same place, the baby ones live under the protection of their parents until the age of 2 years.

Golden monkey tracking in Volcanoes National Park take place in the park the species are endemic to the destination, offering the best views of the monkeys, enjoy the beautiful hike to the golden monkeys, these seem to be so fast am hence important to set your Camera ready when close to them, they present the best picture views. Hiking the Dian Fossey to pay tribute to the American primatologist who did her vigorous research in the national park, she did an in known death to date in protection of the mountain gorilla’s gorilla beringei she was buried right next to her favorite gorilla. Volcanoes national park is one of the closest parks to Kigali, it is accessed in a distance of approximately +/-2 hours air helicopter transfers can be arranged in 25 minutes to the park.

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